Royal's 146 receiving yards were the most by any wide receiver in the first week of the 2008 NFL regular season. In January 1990, a mysterious old man (John Boswall) is seen lingering around Albert Square. William Edward "Eddie" Royal (born May 21, 1986) is an American former football wide receiver and return specialist . Kofi's father, Clyde Tavernier (Steven Woodcock), visits occasionally, but he desperately misses his son and is furious to discover that Pearl and Henry are planning to emigrate with Kofi to Jamaica. Born in Ireland, Eddie came to Britain with his parents as a boy. Westbrook quit in 1993, but was reintroduced from 19951996 and from 19992000. Michael Ferguson (1990) As well as being popular with the ladies, Eddie is a polite gentleman and once he makes a friend, he makes them for life. Page Links: Sharon (Letitia Dean) tries to convince Grant Mitchell not to fight. However, Ken is actually Disa's stepfather, and he is also the father of baby Jasmine. He is horrified and inconsolable, however, when the verdict comes back as not guilty. Kathy helps Disa to find the courage to tell her mother, Sandra, that Ken had forced both her and her younger half sister to have sex with him, and that he is the father of her child. Hattie Tavernier, played by Michelle Gayle between 1990 and 1993, was introduced in July 1990 with her family by producer Michael Ferguson. Clyde is unable to talk them out of taking Kofi, but Clyde's mother steps in and they allow Clyde to spend some time with Kofi in Walford before departing for the airport. In September 1991, while Eddie is taking his pet poodle, Roly, for an evening walk he is stabbed to death. Lloyd eventually moves to Norwich with his mother and father. She abandons the baby initially named Billie, later renamed Jasmine on Diane Butcher's (Sophie Lawrence) doorstep, until Diane convinces her to stay in an empty flat in Walford, and helps her to bond with the child. [21], On September 11, 2016, Royal caught his first touchdown of the season in the season-opening loss to the Houston Texans. He was portrayed by Daren Elliott Holmes. He first appears in Walford in August 1990 when he comes to visit his son. eddie royal eastenderswilliam paterson university application fee waiver. Grant and Phil known as the "Mitchell brothers" have become household names in the United Kingdom. After Carol's confession that she only thinks of her as a good friend, Sharon realises there will never be a parental bond between them and stops seeing her. First Appearance When Grant finds out, he beats him up so badly that he is hospitalised and needs brain surgery. One cold, rainy afternoon, Harry sits in pain on a bench in Albert Square gardens, where he dies. Marcus has been using a different name and working for a new company, but still as a lawyer. Max asks Marcus to stop this line of questioning towards Abi but Marcus insists it is necessary to help clear his name and that it will raise the question of reasonable doubt in the jury's eyes. Disa refuses to admit to the sexual abuse she has been subjected to, even when she is told that Ken would be imprisoned for a long time if she did. [15], On March 15, 2012, Royal signed a three-year contract with the San Diego Chargers worth $13.5 million, $6 million of which is guaranteed. On-screen Clyde leaves Walford with Kofi to explore his roots in Trinidad.[4]. to account for 950 all-purpose yards. Four months later, her grandson Peter Beale (Thomas Law) goes to live with her. Lloyd Tavernier, played by Garey Bridges, arrives in Albert Square in July 1990 with the rest of the Tavernier clan: father Celestine (Leroy Golding), mother Etta (Jacqui Gordon-Lawrence), grandfather Jules (Tommy Eytle), older brother Clyde (Steven Woodcock) and twin sister Hattie (Michelle Gayle). Michelle Gayle quit the role in 1993 to embark on a pop career. The Tavernier family were introduced in 1990 by the newly appointed executive producer Michael Ferguson. [6] The character was written out in 1993 and was given a happy ending. Sam is cleared of murder and released, but she flees the country to escape another prison sentence for perverting the course of justice. Although he never approves of her relationship with the local thug, Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), and this often makes things awkward between the pair. Grant's rage towards Eddie also resurfaces when he discovers that it was he who had tipped him off to the police about his shady dealings. Grant's rage towards Eddie also resurfaces when he discovers that it was he who had tipped him off to the police about his shady dealings. Disa does not tell anyone that her stepfather Ken Raynor (Ian Redford) is Jasmine's father. and totaled 1,101 all-purpose yards. Limited series centrada en una banda que alcanza el xito en Los ngeles en los aos 70 y se convierte en una de las ms legendarias del mundo. and eight rushes for 112 yards (14.0 avg.). Joan and Graham visit Walford that day and Joan suggests that she and Graham take Mo to stay with them temporarily, saying that the break may do Mo's memory some good and give both Frank and Pat a chance to relax. Clyde Tavernier discovers his bloody body in the Square, and after foolishly picking up the murder weapon, he flees in panic. Eddie and Chrissy struck up an unexpected and sweet connection before the latter's untimely death at the hands of Vecna, with many viewers saying how much they would have loved to see a. [11] The performance earned him the honor of Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week for the second time in his career. In April 1991, when Sharon seems to be opening her heart to him and is fed up with Grant, he rashly offers himself as a replacement, but is rejected. The actor, who has starred in a number of movies alongside Danny Dyer, has landed a role in the BBC soap as Until December 1990, Kofi lived outside of the area that the soap is setremaining with his maternal grandparents in Bristol following the death of his mother. Father The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1990, by order of first appearance. Sandra then takes Disa and Jasmine back to Sunderland, Tyne and Wear to live with her in February 1991. Due to his past, Eddie is a different . How much did Eddie Royal weigh when playing? Tense scenes leading up to a murder in this short video from BBC soap opera, EastEnders. Clyde cannot bear to lose his son, and he follows the Chadwicks to the airport and persuades them that he can give Kofi the stability he needs. Eddie Royal was born in Alexandria, VA. How tall is Eddie Royal? Eddie doesn't really have any real friends in Albert Square, but his father John (Paddy Joyce), often turns up in Walford to keep his son company. Joan leaves Walford that evening, and agrees with Frank that they should keep in contact for Mo's sake, although her departure is marred by Mo's insistence on leaving with her - she is still afraid that Frank wants to kill her. On one occasion, he gave some meat to a nine-year-old girl. [2] Royal's first career touchdown catch came in the first quarter of the game on a 26-yard pass from former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler. However, she does confide in Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) through the Samaritans. "[5], Kofi's backstory is told through Clyde before he makes an appearancehe was a result of a relationship between Clyde and a girl named Abigail (unseen in the serial). Ken comes to Walford and tricks Dot into letting him see Jasmine by claiming to be Disa's concerned uncle and kidnaps her. He is first introduced as the lesser of two thugs, but becomes a darker character after Grant leaves. Eddie Royle Retired copper Eddie Royle took over in 1990 until he 'copped' it the following year. As of 2022[update]'s NFL off-season, Eddie Royal held at least seven, Broncos franchise records, including: Eddie started as a little league player on the Reston Seahawks pop Warner teams and was a great teammate and hard worker from day one. NOTE: Please do not add content from the BBC iPlayer's early episodes until it has been aired on television, as it is intrusive to our readers who may not have seen the episode on iPlayer. Leroy Golding who was awarded the part of Celestine Tavernier claims that his inexperience helped rather than hindered the Tavernier family to gel together as it created a sense of "camaraderie" among them; he suggests that he and his screen wife Gordon-Lawrence "played very well off each other".[7]. He and his friends hi-jack a car in April 1992 and take it for a joy-ride, which culminates in him getting caught and arrested by the police. In 2010, McFadden was given six weeks off EastEnders, so he could appear in pantomime. The next day, in more lucid moments, Mo phones for minicabs to take her to Colchester, calls which Frank and Dot Cotton (June Brown) have to cancel afterwards. Royal suffered a groin injury during the first day of training camp and shortly thereafter, his mom fell ill and he found himself making several trips home to Virginia to be by her side. He ends up proposing marriage and she accepts. However, when the Second World War broke out, he was conscripted into the army and sent to war. Marcus then flees Walford to start a new life abroad with all the money. [12], On November 30, 2008, in a 34-17 Broncos road victory over the New York Jets, Royal set a franchise record for most touchdowns (5) and receiving yards (757) for a rookie in one season after catching five passes for 84 yards and a touchdown. He tricks Disa's childminder, Dot Cotton (June Brown), into letting him see the baby by pretending to be Disa's concerned uncle. Can you guess who all of these characters are supposed to be? Unbeknown to Sandra, Ken sexually abused both her girls. Clyde is arrested for Eddie's murder and imprisoned. His condition means that he becomes easily tired so he is forbidden from getting a job as his parents fear that he would over-exert himself. Relationships/Known relatives He explains that the council are going to de-designate the Turpin Road market, but it is not closing and they will make every effort to relocate the market on a new site. He returned 32 punts for 263 yards (8.2 avg.) After a few weeks of hesitation, Sharon decides to visit her, accompanied by her friend Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), only to be greeted by Kristopher (Jonathan Broadbent), who informs her that Carol has died from cancer and her funeral is taking place. After bowing out of the show, Melia carved out a success career in acting and went on to star in a string of popular TV series including Casualty and The Detectives before landing the role of DI Frank Dagley in Dangerfield between 1996 and 1997. She leaves the child in a cardboard box on Diane Butcher's (Sophie Lawrence) doorstep. His 980 yards and five touchdowns are both Broncos rookie records. Harry is seen regularly over the following weeks, mysteriously enquiring about old faces on the Square and cryptically turning up at the christening of Steven Beale, much to everyone's bemusement. He encourages Mark Fowler to tell his parents that he is HIV-positive. [24][25] He suffered a foot injury in mid-October that limited him throughout the season before being placed on injured reserve on December 19. Disa gives birth to Jasmine alone in a derelict building on Christmas Day 1990. The Taverniers were also a well-intentioned attempt to portray a wider range of black characters than had previously been achieved on the show. Clyde accepts this as he is unable to provide financially for his child, a fact that he is seen to agonise over, and a source of friction between him and his father Celestine. 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Former; regular Pets He had 2,004 yards from scrimmage in four years, averaging 14.0 yards per play. Eddie Royle is played by Michael Melia from 1990 until 1991. Joan was far brighter than Frank and, after graduating from school with 7 O-levels and an A-level, she married a chief accountant, Graham (Ian Thompson). [10] After Clyde discovers that Kofi's grandparents are planning on emigrating to Jamaica with his son, he follows them to the airport and brings Kofi back to Walford on Christmas Day 1990. Deceased Ethel recognises Harry and seems to know a lot about his history. EastEnders is marking its 30th anniversary with a whodunnit storyline which has been running for nearly a year. Melia then played Jerry Block in Sky One drama Dream Team from 1998 until 2002. His expedition earns him a suspended sentence, much to his father's shame. Clyde is featured in various prominent storylines including an inter-racial relationship with Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully), and being framed for the murder of publican Eddie Royle (Michael Melia). But Lucy's demise is just one of . Whilst being landlord at the pub, Eddie rents a room to his barmaid Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean). EASTENDERS have cast Brit gangster film legend Eddie Webber as Phil Mitchell's pal. The traders are not pleased by the news, and Carter's car is vandalised. The baby is returned to Disa, and Ken is imprisoned. He posted bests of 6.48 seconds in the 55-meter dash[3] and 6.52 meters (21-3.75) in the long jump. Frank|Freddie Mercury|Freida|Genghis|Gilbert|Gloria|Gumbo|Heathcliff|Hercules|Joey|Joey|Lady Di|Lionel|Lovebirds|Mandoo|Marge|Marge (II)|Marilyn|Musty|Neville| Albert|Albert (II)|Baby|Bella|Betty| [2] Despite Marcus's best efforts, Max is found guilty of murder because the jury foreman is bribed by Phil. Ken traces Disa there in January 1991. [2] He received All-America honors from PrepStar and SuperPrep (who named Royal the top high school player in the state of Virginia). Clyde desperately misses his son, Kofi Tavernier, and . This fleeting appearance was played by a non-speaking and uncredited extra. Credit Solution Experts Incorporated offers quality business credit building services, which includes an easy step-by-step system designed for helping clients build their business credit effortlessly. He patiently pursues Kathy Beale, but she sees him kissing Eibhlin O'Donnell, who is his former girlfriend visiting from Ireland. The market is saved. Bev appears at Cindy's funeral, and later in August 1999 when Ian visits her and Gina to watch the eclipse. Despite the slow start in San Diego, Royal finished the year strong and his best games were during the end of the season. Patch|Mr Pickles|Posh and Becks|Pretty|Prince|Prince (2008)|Robbie and Georgie|Rolf|Roly|Rooney|Sammy|Starsky and Hutch|Sugar|Terrence|The Carter/Branning puppies|Tramp|Wellard|Wellard (II)|WillyWilly (II)|Ziggy |. Phil Mitchell warns Eddie how he has overstepped the mark this time by grassing Grant up. 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This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. It turns out that Nick was attempting a robbery when Eddie saw him, and to silence him, Nick stabbed him. She had been estranged from her daughter until a few months before she died, when Cindy contacted her asking for money. Marcus reluctantly agrees to help Sharon and although she later has a change of heart and calls off the con, Marcus is spotted by Phil leaving The Albert. She persuades Melanie Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) to propose to Ian, as Gina is trying to split them up. Occupation In September 1991, while Eddie is taking his pet poodle, Roly, for an evening walk he is stabbed to death. He finished the 2013 season with 631 yards and a career-high in touchdowns with eight. She's no maverick but she's instinctive, ambitious and has a keen ability to read, understand and relate to people - all of which have helped her rise through the ranks quickly to become a Family Liaison Officer (FLO). He reveals that he is the executor of their mother's will and that she has left a box of letters to Sharon. However, within a few months, Eddie has changed his mind and asks Eibhlin to marry him. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Whilst Disa was living with him and her mother, she had been the victim of his sexual abuse and rape, which had left her pregnant and driven her onto the streets. Diane finally gets a chance to speak to her friend, but Disa refuses to take her help, and orders Diane to stay out of her life and leaves. Carol and Sharon get on well, but Carol is anxious about introducing Sharon to her two half-brothers, Kristopher and Jonathan. Phil tries to threaten him into dropping the case, while Jane Beale (Laurie Brett), who wants to see Max found innocent, contacts him and formulates a fake alibi for Max, claiming she slept with him on the night of Lucy's death. Celestine Tavernier, played by Leroy Golding, appears primarily in the serial between 1990 and 1992. Although he never approves of her relationship with the local thug, Grant Mitchell, and this often makes things awkward between the pair. Where was Eddie Royal born? Joan Garwood, played by Mary Miller, is the older sister of Frank Butcher (Mike Reid), and the first child of Mo (Edna Dor) and Chike Butcher. Sandra refuses to believe her daughter at first. He is largely semi-regular during the latter part of his stint, and is not featured again after December 1997. Marcus first appears in November 1990, to represent Phil on some handling and receiving charges which he beats the following summer. DC Emma Summerhayes made her first appearance on 21 April 2014. Celestine makes a further guest appearance in 1993. Roly He then returns home with Kofi. Repeated intentional offences of this rule could lead to a ban, Many thanks the EastEnders Wiki admin team. The Hokies won the Coastal division and secured a bid the 2007 ACC Championship Game in Jacksonville, Florida, there, they faced a rematch with Boston College, champions of the Atlantic Division. [4], Royal played for the Virginia Tech Hokies from 2004 to 2007. He ends up proposing marriage and she accepts. [16] He contributed as a slot receiver while handling the team's punt return responsibilities. 24/09/17 - 08:45 #4. She is married to a man called Greg McIntosh. One of EastEnders most popular and highly rated storylines was Sharongate, where Grant discovers that his wife Sharon (Letitia Dean) has been having an affair with his brother. Bright and energetic, he couldn't wait to join the police force and when he did, he loved his job, priding himself on being an honest copper. He was the landlord of The Queen Vic for a while. He patiently pursues Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), but she sees him kissing Eibhlin O'Donnell (Mary Conlon), who is his former girlfriend visiting from Ireland. Disgusted, Sandra informs Ken that she and her children will be testifying to this in court, to ensure that he is locked away for a very long time. [23] As well as catching a touchdown pass, Royal also caught a single pass for a 64-yard gain. Grant Mitchell was his nemesis after the gangster beat him up after trying it on with his then-girlfriend Sharon Watts, Eddie was always rubbing people up the wrong way and it all caught up with him. Diane and her friend Mark Fowler (Todd Carty) name the baby Billie and look after her until they find Disa and threaten to give the baby to Social Services unless she returns to Walford with them. and five rushes for 24 yards. However Eddie encountered corrupt practices in the force, so he took early retirement and decided to start afresh in Walford. After a brief talk with Dot, it is decided that it is better for Mo to go to Colchester with Graham and Joan, and Dot explains to Frank that it will be better to let her go than to keep watching her decline. They manage to bring her back to Albert Square (under protest) to live in Mo Butcher's (Edna Dor) empty flat, in the hope that she will become attached to her child, who is originally called Billie, but is later renamed Jasmine. Sharon (Letitia Dean) tries to convince Grant Mitchell not to fight with Queen Vic landlord Eddie Royle, and Dot Cotton admits to Eddie that she has her addict son, Nick Cotton, locked in her house. He had been abusing her for some time and her mother did not believe Disa when she tried to tell her so she ran away from home. However, Clyde is arrested before he can escape and is subsequently imprisoned. "when the character is gunned down outside his home and an affair with his brother's wife, dubbed "Sharongate". Disgusted, Sandra informs Ken that she and her children will be testifying in court to ensure that he is imprisoned for a very long time. Celestine is portrayed as a strict disciplinarian and a devout Christian who expects everyone in his family to show similar dedication to the church and abide by his rules. Michael Melia Ferguson had previously been a producer on ITV's The Bill a hard-hitting, gritty and successful police drama, which seemed to be challenging EastEnders in providing a realistic vision of modern life in London. George Lawler, played by Edmund Kente, is a business associate of Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), whose catering business has failed, so he sells his client base and equipment to Ian for his catering business, The Meal Machine. and gained 346 yards on 12 kickoff returns (28.8 avg.) After this time, John is not seen in Walford until January 1993, when he attends the trial of Nick Cotton. Kofi becomes friendly with Vicki Fowler (Samantha Leigh Martin) at a toddler group, and as a result of their friendship Clyde grows close to Vicki's mother, Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully). Ken is first seen on-screen in December 1990, when Mark Fowler (Todd Carty) witnesses him harassing Disa and scares him away. When Harry returned, he managed to find employment working on the docks, where he occasionally got his hands on scarce food items, which he smuggled out and shared with his neighbours. [8] His nine receptions were the most by a rookie making his debut for the Broncos. His last appearance is in June 1992. [31], Royal with the Denver Broncos in September 2010, "Concorde District Meet - Boys Results (Raw)", "Northern Region Meet - Boys Results (Raw)", "Cutler kicks off year with 299 yards in air as Broncos clobber Raiders", Royal named Week 1 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week, "Cutler finds Royal for late TD, two-point play to edge Chargers", "Cutler's 447 yards spoil Quinn's starting debut", Royal voted Week 10 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week, "Cutler throws for 357 yards, two touchdowns to snap Jets' streak", "Royal's TD returns help Broncos top Chargers 34-23", "Chargers make Royal addition at receiver", "Jay Cutler up, Martellus Bennett down in Bears' 2015 season", "Eddie Royal's big gain, big day help lift Bears to first victory", "Report: Bears expected to terminate contract of Eddie Royal", "Bears release Eddie Royal, three others", "Virginia Tech-Marshall to be a Royal affair",, Receptions: rookie season (91 in 2008), rookie game (11 on December 28, 2008 against the San Diego Chargers), Receiving Yds: rookie season (980 in 2008), Rec Yds/Game: rookie season (65.3 in 2008), Kick Return Touchdowns: game (1 on October 19, 2009 against the San Diego Chargers; with 9 others), Total Return Yards: game (235 on October 19, 2009 against the San Diego Chargers), 100+ yard receiving games: rookie season (3), This page was last edited on 11 January 2023, at 02:24.

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